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Stuff changes

At the Disney parks, things change constantly.

Much of the Muppet area got removed to make way for the new Star Wars land.

Then Muppet characters showed up in a new show in the Magic Kingdom.

The Osborne Lights display in the studios was discontinued permanently.

Dia de los Muertos displays and performances were added to the Mexico pavilion area in Epcot when the movie Coco was released. The offerings got reduced after the film was no longer in theatrical release.

The long running Illuminations light show at Epcot was discontinued, but a newer show is coming!

The fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom changed from Wishes to Happily Ever After. Sadly, this was put on hold during the COVID pandemic. We hope to see Happily Ever After or a newer show soon!

The Magic Kingdom parades are also on hold during the time of COVID precautions. Smaller "surprise" character floats are currently happening on Main Street. What will be the new normal when restrictions are lifted?

"Streetmosphere" characters come and go. I miss some of my favorites who are no longer in the park, especially the fabulous Dorma Nesmond.

In the parks, if something goes away, it is usually replaced by a new park section, or a newly themed ride, or a new show. Fans may miss the old, but the newer attractions, like the Star Wars area in Disney Studios, Pandora in Disney's Animal Kingdom, the new additions to Fantasy Land in the Magic Kingdom, and the upcoming Ratatouille ride in Epcot, are widely popular.

Changes to Touristburbia, though, are not always as welcome. What we thought was a nature preserve gets flattened to make way for a storage facility. Wetlands get filled in for another storage facility. Wilderness areas are bulldozed for more houses, apartments and condominiums, adding traffic to our already overcrowded road. The upside is that with more people, we get more choices of places to eat, more gas stations, more pharmacies and grocery stores, more car wash businesses, etc. Stuff changes. Stuff happens. We cross our fingers and hope the good changes outweigh the bad.

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