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E. G. G.

Warning - this is going to be one of my weirder posts. And it's not about the price of eggs. They are still pretty cheap here in Touristburbia in Central Florida.

This post is about a dream I had last night. In the dream I was being creative. When I woke up, I actually remembered the creative work I had done in the dream, The last time that happened was in the 1980s when I dreamed I was singing a song about a senior prom and woke up and realized I had not written that song yet. Here's the link to the You Tube video if you have never heard me sing it:

Anyway, in last night's dream I was back in Birmingham, talking with my dear friend Judy Bridgers (God, I miss her so much.) We were planning a big meeting to honor someone, and another friend was giving the keynote speech at the event. They asked me to help them come up with a catchy theme for the event and for the keynote speech. I thought about the person who was being honored, and thought :EGG!


"Yes, Egg. E. G. G. It stands for Enthusiasm, Generosity, and Gratitude! Doesn't that sum up the friend we are honoring?" (sorry, Birmingham peeps, the identity of the honoree was never revealed in the dream.)

When I woke up, and remembered the new acronym, I decided it applied to so many people in my life. And it sums up who I want to be. I want EGG on my face! I want others to see enthusiasm, generosity and gratitude. Don't you?

I'll have mine sunny side up, please.

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